A famous song goes: “People say I’m the life of the party, ‘cause I tell a joke or two”.

Trine might not tell jokes, but she certainly is the life of the set.

Her ever-expanding talent, the splendid atmosphere around her, and the joy she brings to the set has earned her an important role in many a great photoshoot.

Trine grew up in a home devoid of beauty products. This led this ever-inquisitive girl to poking her head into all the bathroom cupboards she could find, fascinated by a world unknown to her.

Luckily, this interest has stayed with Trine throughout her life and after a brief flirt with fashion styling she has turned to makeup and has kept evolving as a great artist ever since.

Trine is currently CHANEL’s makeup artist for Denmark
– a collaboration that both parties find inspiring and fruitful.