For the past 12 years, the world of Handball has been graced with a truly amazing and multifaceted star, with a warm and passioned personality.
A person who has chosen to utilize his exceeding talent, not only to further himself, but also to help others to view sport and the social community around handball as a means to develop themselves, break boundaries and achieve their goals.

We are of course talking about Mikkel Hansen, three times winner of World Player of the Year, star striker and three times gold medal winner with the Danish National Handball team and part of the attacking chain at Paris Saint Germain.
Mikkel is an ambitious and dedicated person with a heartfelt passion for the sport he loves. Qualities that are of course natural in top performing athletes, but for Mikkel these values continue from court, into his personal and business ventures.

Knowing quite well what extraordinary talent he has, coupled with the desire to help others, led Mikkel to found the association MH24 (Mikkel vs. Bullying), which is an organization that works with victims of bullying, to improve their quality of life, through positive experiences with handball and the social bonds that can be found in the life surrounding a team.

As one might expect, the life of a top performing athlete is a tight schedule, with rigorous training programmes, fitness requirements and tactics sessions, not leaving many hours for personal indulgence, so for Mikkel his spare time is precious and he spends it on activities that give him pleasure and distraction from the otherwise constant awareness he has of handball.

Fortunately, Mikkel has a longstanding passion for art and architecture where, at times, the abstract nature of arts and the sheer magnificence of a beautiful building, can give his mind a welcome break from the focus and attention required of top-level performers.

Furthermore, as an appreciator of all things beautiful and having a keen eye for design, Mikkel is an avid art buyer and has also invested in the app Artland; a window from which artists all over the world can present their work to potential buyers.

It is possible for Mikkel to enter into commercial brand partnerships and when he does so, he does it with a heartfelt engagement and genuine interest in working together to better understand the brand, it’s values and how best to achieve the set goals.

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