The multitalented Stephanie Gundelach is part of a new generation of energetic and enterprising young talents emerging from Copenhagen.

Stephanie was one of the three women behind the first and biggest Danish fashionblog, Anywho, which rapidly gained a huge amount of readers and became the blog that set the bar for the others. She was also the owner of the beautiful fashion store B56 located in the heart of Copenhagen. Recently though, Stephanie has decided to focus her attention on her work as a stylist and creative consultant.

Stephanie has a great grasp on combining the various styling elements that create a beautiful image and is also a very conceptual thinker, apt at adding value to any partnership she enters into.

Various brands have worked with Stephanie, choosing to employ her as their brand ambassador and outward representative of their brand.

Finally Stephanie is often photographed in street style articles by magazines as Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, New York Times, Cover, Eurowoman, Børsen and Grazia, who have noticed her for her great taste and ability to combine clothes from all segments of the fashion industry. 

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